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Google Says Yes To Adverts From Crypto Exchanges And Wallets

After long and careful consideration, Google has confirmed to revise its ‘financial products and services’ policy to make it more crypto-friendly. In its latest statement, the tech giant and the world’s biggest search engine said that from Aug 3 onwards it will start accepting advertisements representing cryptocurrency exchanges and digital wallets targeting US customers.

The said revision of Google’s policy entails clarifying the “scope and requirements to allow the advertisement of cryptocurrency-related business and services.”

A Welcome Shift

As cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular there is a notable shift in the attitude of leading corporate houses and tech giants regarding publicly endorsing decentralized tokens. Earlier in the year, Facebook too relaxed its policy to make it easy for crypto adverts.

Until 2021, major platforms and search engines did not allow publishing adverts related to cryptocurrencies to protect potential customers from frauds and scams.

Now with a revised policy, advertisers who comply with Google’s newly revised guidelines for crypto adverts – requiring them to register with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network as a Money Services Business amongst others – will now be able to advertise their products on google targeting US customers.

However, it should be noted that advertising, ICOs, trading protocols and services, or services that offer direct purchase and sale of cryptocurrency will be restricted.

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